Je construis un CV a minima, synthétique et précis

The area proposes to follow three steps:

Step 1 - I write a course of my professionnal life to retrieve the information to put in the CV

  • I get my diplomas, my internship agreements, my payroll, my job descriptions, my performance reviews, my skills assessment (if I made one).

  • I write a course of my professionnal life in which I get in the elements needed to complete the CV: training / work experience / extra-professional experience / personal journey.

The challenge is to build a continuous thread of life. Each time period is characterized by informations. The transition from training to the first job, then the transition from one job to another are reflected by the question: why did I make that choice?

Step 2 - I format the information in the CV Missions

Once in possession of my course of life elements, I formulate them according to the rules of the CV.

The mission is not the activity. Formulate a mission, it is providing a way to highlight the autonomy of action I am able to exercise and the results I had produced by myself, while cooperating with others.

I get help from my previous job descriptions, if they exist. Either the job description has focused on the tasks to be performed. Either the job description was written as a list of typical activities. In the latter case, my CV has to select the activities schowing my ability of autonomy and my focus upon the result.

Step 3 - I validate or improve the CV Missions

  • I printed the CV Missions. I look at it with the eyes of the recruiter. I show it to my family and my friends. At a glance, the CV Missions should provide an overview of my professional career which values ​​my results and my autonomy of action in relation to jobs held.

  • If the valuing of my professional experience is insufficient, I improve the formulation of the missions.