User testimonies

Ronan Bouza, Developer of Franchise Shops Network, Paris.

«My experience of CVscore was a revelation to me. In fact, I've worked on the following:

  • assessment of my experience with highlighted domains of skills and ranked according to my preferences and my skills

  • Check of my career (jobs and industries description)

I considered this work as an analysis and help in confidence. Thus it allowed me to be clear, concise, and accurate during job interview.

To date, I blossom into my mission and continues to grow every day, knowing my strengths and my development areas.»

Michael Di Carlo, Development Professional Project Coach, Paris.

« I am a Project Management coach. Looking for a job, I am facing a loss of professional meaning. Over the reality of the job market does not allow me to project myself in proposed jobs to be filled. I felt myself lost and without means of support despite my expertise of others.

I decided to find out solutions in providing institutional support, unfortunately without results. I began to search for alternative means and I'm meeting CVscore site that offers me to accompany me in achieving my professional report with an innovative method.

This work has allowed me to view my professional engagements. To reformulate all my keys skills and to discover new knowledge. To give me a way of working and professional and personal development. To rebuild a communication tool and presentations throughout the CV Max. To clarify and appropriate my domains of skills.

With this tool I worked on my professionals emotions and feelings. I have been able to build a new project and target the professional world where I want to change. I found the road I had lost and got a new impetus. I thank you CVscore and its creator, Francis JACQ.»

Stéphane Busson, Project Leader Tourism Quality Process, Paris.

« CVscore's aim is to bring out and enhance the skills of a job seeker. However, its holistic approach is an innovative and far more relevant than a skills assessment.

Indeed, CVscore in practice proves to be a great developer of talent, stimulating self-analysis and extraction capabilities or know-how previously "hidden". This helps to strengthen self-esteem of the user, demonstrate internal consistency and optimize their chances of being successful in the recruitment process.

For example, a appliant who defines himself as a fervent supporter of participatory management sends to recruiter a powerful message that could appeal it in responding to an implicit expectation of the corporate culture. Stéphane Busson, satisfied user.»

Nathalie Dubost, Executive Assistant, Paris.

What lessons do you withdrawn your first resume?

« I developed a project but it resulted from swelling of my last position, as if my next step in my career should be more responsibility to implement the latest skills I got. This unrealistic project has faced this situation: I'm sending resumes and cover letters, no company replied.

I could not get to job interviews because my resume was contradictory: having been working for several marketing and communications director, I position myself on challenging positions in these domains especially when I had developed skills as an assistant. I think the CV is partly responsible for this lack of realism. CV writing prompts us to give much importance to the last two positions and ignore the first professional experiences.

In addition, despite my ambitions in my head, I remained an executive assistant. Initially when I had to do my first resume I had no plan, and I stuck to a flat description of the activities of an assistant in my various jobs.

Identifying bad my points of departure and arrival, so my ability to adapt and evolve, recruiters should be difficult to reconstruct the dynamic of my career. I understand why recruiters do not hold back my CV as interesting.»

What brought you procedure CVscore?

« The procedure CVscore allowed me to write a credible resume. Immediately, I was called for job interviews and these interviews have gone very well. I was quickly recruited for a job that I liked.

In terms of job search strategy, it forced me to think skills profile before targeting a specific position. By classifying my skills on my domains of skills, it appeared that the domain "Undertaking promotional campaigns" whose I consider it was the axis of my career had little expertise. My many applications to this domain were not at all credible.

I also discovered that my strong domain was to facilitate the achievement and not make myself. For me it was an important step not to dream a future ideal position, but to identify a strong domain that could be developed on a variety of positions.

Now there is a real connection between my professional experience and my vision for the future. My current CV is matching my career and skills that I master. My resume shows a continuity between what I do and what I am capable of.

Procedure CVscore allowed me to diagnose the difference between my ambitions and lack of credibility made by the first resume I wrote. CVscore allowed me to review the credibility of my applications for jobs: it allows, before meeting with employers to ensure that the skills I can talk really come support my application.»

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  • how do you write your cover letters?
  • how do you communicate on your skills?
  • how do you question your potential in your search for a new job?

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