A successful job application

  • I am seeking an internship during school. I have to express my project and my interpersonal skills. I have to formalize my first skills learned in my out-school experiences and my small jobs.

  • I am offering my skills for missions during school. I have to formalize an expertise that can be paid by an employer.

  • I am preparing my first assessment mission

  • I am formalizing my skills and qualifications acquired in training with alternating school/compagny

  • I am writing my first CV resume and my first cover letter

  • I am preparing my first interview performance

  • I am preparing my talks performance by identifying my progressions and expressing my training needs

  • I am arguing a need for a training

  • I am targeting a new job to develop my career

  • I am writing a CV tailored to my goal: a Functionnel CV, a Skills CV, a targeted CV

  • I am writing an Offer of Service

  • I have to write, looking for a job, dozens of CV resume each tailored to different targeted jobs

  • I am a Senior: I have to value my skills and experience the more in tune with market opportunities

  • I have to value my skills and qualities such as Coach for graduates

Enhance my potential for success in all aspects of applying and evaluation

Professionnal choice, application, curriculum vitae, offer of service, cover letter, job interview, performance interview..

To enhance and to argue my potential success requires an effort to formalize my business experience and to select my goals. My written and oral communication skills become decisive to drive my career.

In the current context characterized by the logic of the mission or the project, by the increase of situations of enhancing and argumentation of my abilities, both method and tools of CVscore.com provide an modern, efficient and no expensive solution.

A method and a tool of self-valuation

CVscore.com site provides computer support to a professional valuation method in 4 stages:

1 / formalize the requirements of a mission, a project, a job

2 / formulate arguments in relation to these requirements, express my potential for success, my skills, my results

3 / provide evidence for these arguments

4 / build a synthetic and targeted communication, easy to express or write, and pleasant to hear or read

To feed this method, the site facilitates the formation of two resources:

  • an comprehensive basis of my professional data: the CV Max

  • an evaluation board of my career growth potential along two profiles: Profile of my skills and Profile of my Favorites

The power of computing in my service

CVscore.com can describe finely the reality of my work into data, using as description unit "the mission":

  • the skills and the results of the mission

  • the sharing of feelings and relationships in mission

CVscore.com increase the capacity of my memory and the quality of my communication by :

  • linking data (jobs, missions, skills, feelings) with the criteria of evaluations (domains of skills, favorites for activities)

  • producing objective measures: scoring by profile of the jobs, domains of skills, favorites for activities, arguments for communication

  • suggesting evolutionary trajectories: confirmation of the potential of forces, resolution of potential weakness

  • helping me to test the quality of my arguments in a particular communication situation, and to write CV, cover letters and offers of service

  • setting consistency between a CV and a cover letter

  • synthesizing the growing amount of my career data : finally, 100 to 150 missions, 200 to 400 skills, 300 to 500 feelings

Developed with web standards, CVscore.com supports me to manage my business data on the web:

  • Immediately I have all my business data regardless of CVs submitted on job sites or Human Resources folders

  • I can select the data that I publish and those which remain confidential

  • I store all the historical of my arguments

Low cost for personal gain important

The site is built in five successive spaces, enabling:

  • on a short way, to produce a specific outcome: CV, cover letter, profile study, coaching a orientation choice

  • on a global way, to conduct a comprehensive approach combining a phase of assessment, a phase of orientation and a phase of preparation of the communication

CVscore.com budget, with a time of learning and a contribution of 12 € / year (ie 1 € / month) is to compare:

  • with the cost of aid to writing a CV (from 100 to 200 €)

  • with the cost of a skills assessment (from 800 to 3000 €)

  • with the cost of a coaching (80 to 150 € / hour)

Using the principles of classical methods of assessment, orientation, and argumentation, the site cvscore.com revolves easily with the aid provided by a psychologist or a coach.

Its first over is to store the results in digital form and to provide powerful computer tools in a personalized and ergonomic way.

Its second over is to facilitate more tailored to the formatting and data editing for various situations where a professional autoportait is asked.

The following diagram gives a picture of the different possibilities.