Je me constitue mon potentiel de Partage de préférences

The area proposes to follow four steps:

Step 1 - I reconstruct the history of my feelings

  • I express out my feelings in the missions I've done until now.

Step 2 - I discover my Activities Preferences Profile

  • I classify my feelings in relation with six types of activity.

  • I formulate and reclassify new feelings, if my Activities Preferences Profile seems incomplete.

Step 3 - I discover my Energies Profile

  • I classify my feelings in relation with the three energy types.

  • I find my Energies Profile.

I will update myself on my Energies positive / negative Profile.

Step 4 - I prepare the situation of the job interview

  • I learn how to master the job interview by setting me on the agenda type of an job interview.

  • I learn how to anticipate questions called "traps".

  • I learn how to bounce on the false alternatives and value preferences, mine and those people who give me energy.

  • I learn how to move from the emotions I fell during the interview to the presentation of my arguments and my skills.