Je communique mon Offre de service ou ma candidature autour d’un petit nombre d'arguments clés

The area proposes to follow four steps:

Step 1 - I analyze targets

I formulated a global project as a choice of orientation.

  • I summarize the information I collected by reading the web and the press, especially during meetings with professional or industry I target.

  • I identify targets for employment or service offers corresponding to this choice.

  • I analyze the texts of advertisements of vacancies.

  • I build service offerings that enhance my skills.

Step 2 - I select arguments for an application or a service offering

  • I value a application or a service Offering by constructing arguments adapted to each context. helps me to build my arguments by developing the skills I can transfer and my potential for learning and development.

The five arguments types are:

• one or more relatives experiences which have been successful

• knowledge of working methods ensuring fast performance

• Knowledge of workplace and professional culture, facilitating the integration

• specific expertise differentiates me from the other candidates

• a suggested proposed changes, pointing to my keen understanding of the context

Step 3 - I demonstrate the arguments

Arguments are to prove with owned skills. These skills will be those that I will transfer to the job I apply or the service I propose. More I can transfer skills, the more my application or my service offer appear attractive.

  • I select the skills that I can associate with the different arguments.

These skills are located in different domains. With CVscore, I know the domains where "I am strong" and where "I am weak." More I'm comfortable in an domain, the more it will be easy to acquire additional skills in this domain. So, I can well appreciate my potential acquisition of new skills and evolving.

  • I can quickly checked by counting the number of associated skills, the strength of my arguments for an application or an offer a service.

Within a minute, I see if I have any arguments proved by suficient skills. CVscore saves me time about an weak idea of ​​Offer or a wrong selection of jobs to apply.

  • Once an argument is proved by Skills CVscore allows me to view the missions in which I mastered these skills. In these missions, I found my favorites activities and my positive energy .

This visualization will facilitate my speaking during interviews, because I could refer to the concrete contexts of missions and skills. My arguments will be much stronger and convincing.

Step 4 - I edit the CV, corresponding to the selected arguments

Inside the CV or resume, the arguments will be proven using a "targeted CV". Indeed, every resume should be a support to my arguments: an element of my career that do not contribute to an argument must be rejected.

  • I edit and upload the plot elements - jobs, missions and skills - selected to serve my arguments.

Step 5 - I Develop arguments

CVscore provides a method of drafting the text of the application or he service offering by the development of each argument.

  • I write a paragraph summarizing my missions and skills in an application perspective, composed with four sentences:

• the statement of my argument

• the skills which prove this argument

• an example of successful implementation of these skills

• the leverage for success that represents these skills to succeed in a new job.

  • I edit and upload the editorial arguments.

  • I exploit the targeted CV and their arguments on the various media of communication: email, jobsboards, business or public organization website , publishing my website, editing my CV video, etc.